2014 - Yep, it's a year

It's the time of year for reviving unused blogs - to make promises to yourself that (at the moment) you intend to keep.

I like new years, they are like the punctuation of life.  I enjoy the feel of a reset.

But life isn't resettable, we are always building on our past.  We take where we are and we move forward.  I think the question is 'moving forward toward what?'

I'm not going to have the same legacy as most of my friends.  I'm a little sad about that but again, we are talking about building on the past.

Just to enjoy my life seems a little hedonistic, though I do still want that.   But what does that leave?

What I leave behind is down to a pretty small list:

  • People I touch.
  • Things I create.

That's it, I get to fill in the blanks of those categories.  I've been working on the create side (though I have bouts of creative shyness from time to time).  Also, I've been trying to interact with people more (less hermitting) and I try to be a good friend and family member.

I already have a list of goals that is much larger (and longer term) than a standard list of resolutions.  

  1. Anyway, here is my requisite list for today:
  2. Put the correct year on documents
  3. Add a new entry to my 365 project every day
  4. Get out there and create something
  5. Learn new things
  6. Be a positive influence in others lives.

I think that's enough.