Driveabout - Day 1


Day 1 of the drive-about.  I left the house around 1 today.  Probably a late start but traffic-wise, it was pretty much perfect.  I stopped in Gilroy to stock Ray up with garlic and continued down my standard path towards Monterrey.
Wow, the coast is beautiful.  The rocky shoals are somewhat like Oregon.  Every mile or two there is a place where everyone is pulled off to take pictures or just see the view.
Around 5, i decided to get a room.  There is no reason to push things.  If I wanted I could make it to LA (but why would I go there, I was there Thursday).
So here I am at the Big Sur Lodge (the lodge in the park).  I have a 'cabin' (no phones, no TV, no Wifi (thought that wouldn't stop me).
In a bit, I'll walk down to the restaurant and relax in the lodge.