12 things I've learned in Management

I've been managing people for quite some time now.  Over time one develops their own style and credo.  In no particular order, here are twelve things I've learned.


  1. If everything is an emergency then nothing is.
  2. If you rely on line-of-sight tasking to assign work, everyone will avoid you.
  3. Respect your teams time away from you.  This includes the lunch hour.
  4. Micro-management is a sign of distrust.  If you have to do it then do you have the right people?  Or is it just you?
  5. A well run team will continue being successful without your constant interference.
  6. Remember you are dealing with adults.  Give them the goal, answer their questions, get out of the way.
  7. A goal has both a tangible result and a time frame.
  8. There are two ways to deal with your time regarding orders from on-high -  Funnel or Filter.  If you are a funnel, why are you even there?
  9. Success and Failure are both addictive
  10. Provide your team with the tools they need.
  11. Have their back and they will have yours.
  12. Remember these are people, not pawns.  They know which way you are treating them.