TV networks should pay me for this kind of prediction

There is a disturbing trend at the end of each year for people and organizations to post 'best of' and 'worst of' lists.  Personally, I think it is pandering to your audience and is, quite frankly derivative.
Let's face it, the list post is an unoriginal concept that should be allowed to fade into obscurity. LET IT GO PEOPLE!  There are other ways to get your views out there.  Try other formats - you may find they get your point across even better.
Quite frankly, list posts disgust me and they should disgust you as well.
Anyway…here is my list (in no particular order) of favorite cancelled TV shows...
1. Sons and Daughters (2006)
This show had a fairly overused premise - an extended family living in relatively close proximity.  Interviews about this show always spoke to the fact that it was both scripted and improvised.   It was awkwardly funny ('The Office' - like) and included gems of lines that could be quoted incessantly as inside jokes ("I'm sorry to inform you, but your murder has been Coloneled").   The Patriach of the family was none other than Max Gail who was Wojo on 'Barney Miller' (for those of you who are too young, that was a comedic cop show).   His presence and my constant mentioning of his characters name, turned into our household version of 'Marco Polo' (when we need to find each other, the name to call out is Wojciehowicz).  
We made time in our house for this show, and with our schedules, that is not an easy thing to do.  Because it was something we all agreed on and enjoyed together - of course it was cancelled.
2. Dead Like Me (2003)
A Showtime series that followed the 'lives' of a group of Grim Reapers.  We follow Georgia Lass (a call out to Brady Bunch?), who was killed by a toilet seat that fell from orbit, on her day to day life dealing with being dead and a Reaper.  Very dark humor but still hilarious.
They tried to bring it back with a movie but it just didn't do it for me.  The chemistry seemed lost.
Dead Like Me called for a weekly meeting with Margueritas.
3.  Firefly (2002)
I'll admit it, I didn't watch this show when it first came out.  So, I suppose the cancellation was my fault.  Fox put the show in the Friday night 'let's kill this show' slot then played the whole thing out of order (like shuffling the chapters in your book prior to reading) then pre-empted it constantly.  That and the whole 'Space Cowboy' thing takes some mind warping to get at first.  My friend Sarah lent me the DVD's and I was hooked ever since (those of you who hang around with me know this - I know).
Anyone want to go to a charity event this June?

4. The Middleman (2008)
Technically this is a show based on a comic.  The Middleman concept is like taking X-files, Ghostbusters, Buffy, and Ghosthunters and making their job a civil service.  It was loaded with constant references to movies, comics, games and general pop-culture.
I loved the show so therefore it is dead now.  Cancelled just short of its first season - sigh.

4.5 Popular (1999-2001)

Wacky teen drama?  I don't know how to classify this one.  Two girls from opposite sides of the popularity fence are suddenly step-sisters.  Hilarity ensues.  I've blocked out most of my memories of the years that it was on but I remember that I loved this show.  Of course, that means an untimely death (the networks should really pay me for that service - I could save them MILLIONS).


5. Sports Night (1998)

See?  Not even from this century!  I don't watch ESPN.  I barely watch any sports at all but this show about putting together a sports reporting show was fantastic.  It had drama, comedy.  I actually cared about the characters.  It was kind of like a comedic nighttime soap - just....not.  See? My powers of description are ASTOUNDING.  Oh, and Benson was in it.

There are others I could add in (Pinky and the Brain, The Tick, Buffy, Angel...even Dollhouse (maybe not Dollhouse) come to mind).  I'll admit my tastes are juvenile and geeky.  At least I'm consistent.