30 day project

Day 13 - A Navy runs on its gauges

Another USS Hornet picture.  If you ever walk around a Navy ship, you'll probably notice that there are levers and gauges everywhere.  Often they are only labelled cryptically.  I think it's progressed quite a bit since the days of the USS Hornet but I don't think it will ever completely go away.

Day 13 - So Many Gauges.jpg

Day 12 - Decent Docent

Dallas and I went to the USS Hornet museum today.  Technically, it was my last duty station.  Dallas and I wandered around on our own for a while, taking pictures but you couldn't go up to the island without supervision.

so we tagged along on a tour in progress.  This guy was stationed on the Hornet as aircrew but I was really impressed that he was on the USS Forrestal. I can't imagine going through the days of fire and exploding ordinance and nearly losing a ship.

I tried (and failed) to be a quiet tour taker.  Sorry about that, Dallas.



Day 12 - Docent.jpg

Day 9 - Bite This

Around the delta, there are all of these small towns that look like they've seen better days.  I'd almost say they were abandoned but then there are clues that they are still used.

I'm not sure if this place is open and run down or closed and well preserved.

Day 9 - Better Days (aka Bite This).jpg

Day 5 - The Vineyard

Technically, I took this yesterday.  However, I did the editing today and I like the photo.

This is from Jack London Park again, it's the vineyard right as we were starting to lose the light.

I like the crispness of it.  The vines are obviously not doing much growing at the moment but there is still that blast of life between the rows.

Day5 - Vineyard.jpg

Day 4 - Jack London's Pig Palace

We drove up to Sonoma today to have a picnic and take some pictures.   We ended up at Jack London Park, a ranch the author owned and operated.

It was interesting, he was always trying new things.  At the little signs everywhere it was always noted how the ranchers in the area laughed at him or that some idea of his didn't work (eucalyptus trees, feeding cactus to livestock).  In this case, he built a circular pig area with a structure in the middle.  The idea what that it would save time on feeding - the ranchers called it the Palace Hotel for Pigs.

I like that he tried things and failed.  It's inspiring to me. 

This shot is shooting from inside the circular building at the Pig Palace.

Day4 - Pig Palace.jpg

Day 3 - Testing a tiny, tiny lens

I promise that this won't all be strange macro shots (it's not my normal style, look around on the site!).  I backed a Kickstarter project for a smartphone based microscope and I thought I would give it a try.  My attempts at taking a picture of an eye were remarkably like the glaucoma test at the eye doctor (puff of air in the eye).  I could never get close enough to be both comfortable and get a sharp shot.  The dogs wanted to eat the phone so I avoided that (the little one really likes the taste of laptop apparently).

This is a Christmas ornament (the tree is coming down this weekend, promise).  It's the best shot I took with the microscope lens before it started falling off my phone (I should probably read the directions).  I replaced the lens into its contact lens case for later experimentation.

Day3 - Ornament.jpg

Day 2 - Soft Crystals

I was given a gift of a 'grow your own crystal' kit.  It took me a while but I finally cracked it open and performed the macabre science in order to create red kryptonite.


I'd actually go outside and take some pictures but - still sick (sigh).  So I decided to improvise with what I have.

What I am trying for here is to make the sharp crystals look soft (really, that's on purpose!).

Day2 - Crystals.jpg

Day 1 - Best laid plans

So, this is the beginning.  Not an auspicious start.  Turns out I am sick on this, the first day of the year.


What's the plan?  I'm going to make a post, every day featuring a picture or art project for that day.

This picture is Opal, my Basset Hound.  I think we will be seeing a lot of her in here.


Opal Sleeps

Opal Sleeps