30 day project

Carpentry Project

We have this lovely room we refer to as the 'nook'.   From the outside, it is like a little tower but inside it is all angles.  I decided I was going to install a window seat.

Here is where I wanted to build it.

So I went to Home Depot, bought some lumber and gave it a shot.  Here is version 1 (as far as I got).

It wasn't quite sturdy enough for my taste.  Also, I was thinking with a renters mindset (no holes in the walls!).  Then I remembered that they are my walls.

So, on to version 2.

So, I went on to working on the top.  This was not an easy task.  The back corners of the seat were awkward angles (43 and 43.5 degrees).  In the end it took some creativity with a jigsaw to get it to fit.  After that I set about treating the wood.  Staining and sealing.  (it takes longer than you think, everything has to dry for a long time!)

I picked up some beadboard for the front and cut a hatch in the top for storage.  At this point it was sturdy and functional.

After this, the point was aesthetics.  I wanted to make it look like part of the room.  I cut some baseboard for somewhat of an extension of the wall baseboard.  My supervisor (pictured) insisted on inspecting the work.

I cut and painted some trim for the edges, discovering that a circle cut at an angle makes an ellipse and then won't fit together as easily.  (translation, the trim didn't quite fit together.)

All done, right?  You'd think so but I also wanted a pad for this.  I didn't take pictures at each step of this one (probably should have).

1.  I made a template of the top with paper.

2.  I used that template to cut a thin board to the proper shape.

3.  I cut a foam pad to the same dimensions as the new board.

4.  Then is was a case of putting fabric down, then the foam pad, then the board.  Wrap the fabric up over the edge of the board like a Christmas present.  Staple to the board.

The end result looks like this.

Because the dogs will spend a huge amount of time sitting up here looking out the window.  I picked an outdoor fabric and also put a layer of plastic under the fabric layer.


And...that was my first carpentry project.