30 day project

Day 28 - Before and After

One thing this project has me concentrating on is my process.  So I think I'll cover it here.

For the last few days, I've been trying to do a screencast of how I edit in Lightroom.  I am a firm believer in Photoshop.  I'm not a photo-journalist - I just want to make pictures I enjoy.  I have no problem editing a picture to get what I want.


So here is an old picture that I really like.  It is truly one of my favorites.

Day 28 Before and After - 1.jpg

My process is pretty straightforward (to me).

Get the composition I want.  I'll use the lens correction on the uncropped photo.  Then I will crop down to the elements that I want.  As a rule, I try to stick with the rule of thirds.

Adjust exposure.  Depending on the photo, I usually go a little darker than normal.  I don't like to rely on the exposure settings (they tend to be overkill).  I like to go back and adjust it again after I am done.

Highlights/Shadows/Whites/Blacks.  As I adjust each of these sliders, I hold down the option key on my Mac.  Then I adjust until I start seeing a hint of anything dark or light (depending on which slider).  Try this and you'll understand.

Clarity.  Unless you have some specific effect you are looking for (vaseline lens, uber-crisp.  I don't mess with this much.

Vibrance/Saturation.  If there are no skin tones, I use saturation more (it enhances all the colors together).  With skin tones, I use vibrance as it preserves people looking human.

The only other thing I did in this picture is HSL Saturation on the red dress.  It's a nice way to pop out a color without messing with the whole spectrum.

And this is my result:

Day 28 - Before and After - 2.jpg

If you are interested in my settings for this, here is a screenshot of just that part of the screen.

Day 28 - Settings.jpg